Herbal Iron Supplements To Maintain Good Health

Inflammatory bowel diseases, immune deficiency and intestinal disorders (or those caused by lymphatic obstruction or cardiac conditions), surgeries, radiations, pancreatic insufficiency and other guts disorders can cause elimination of iron through the digestive tract and deficiency, or accumulation of excess iron in the gut which interferes with metabolism. Intake of oral iron supplements which comes in the form of ferritin can have adverse effects on the bacterial composition of the gut and the person may suffer from constipation or diarrhea. Such supplements are not absorbed into the bloodstream and it stays in the gut for long.

Natural Iron Supplements Benefits

Ayurveda recommends the use of nano particles, which have been lately researched in various laboratories and confirms its usefulness and effectiveness as iron supplement. The nano particles of minerals are non-toxic and more effective in replenishing the hemoglobin levels and this was tested on 26 menopausal women where the nano particles of iron was found to be 80 percent more effective as compared to standard supplements. Herbal iron supplements – Feroplex capsules contain micro and nano particles of minerals.

Lauh Bhasma, one of the ingredients in the capsules, contains micro fine iron prepared through the method of calcinations under high temperature, useful in the condition of iron deficiency anemia, anemia due to malabsorption or gastrointestinal conditions. It works as stimulant and as an appetizer which can improve absorption of minerals into the bloodstream and reduce the problems of indigestion. It works as an astringent which can burn excess fat deposition in the body parts to maintain good health and reduce central obesity symptoms. You can also try out natural treatment for anemia.

The most popular form of lab-based iron supplement is ferrous sulfate but it can bring changes to the natural colon bacterial configuration and increase susceptibility to inflammation and infections of the epithelium. These medicines have low bio availability and cannot be absorbed into the system and cause gastro intestinal complications. The test on laboratory rats with nano particles and micro particles of iron found the intake of such herbal iron supplements e.g. Feroplex capsules can increase the level of serum iron, RBC and hemoglobin. The study found such small particles had higher bio availability to maintain good health.

Another study found the use of nano particles of iron helped in the activation of macrophages which was able to counter the attack of cancer cells. One of the compounds in the herbal iron supplements – Feroplex capsules is Mandur Bhasma which is mentioned in Ayurvedic text as a cure for the condition of acute hepatitis. The study on laboratory animals found the recovery in condition was related to the recovery in the differential counts and hepatocyte of the liver and kidney. Seven days intake of the bhasma was able to alter lipid peroxidation, total proteins and glucose phosphate levels in lab animals. Ayurveda states – it can be used to maintain good health, cure immunity disorders, inflammation, jaundice, anemia and works as natural aphrodisiac. Kasis Bhasma, is basically ferrous sulphate, which is prepared from green vitriol – ferrous sulphate. It can be found in the cure and works to cure anemia, spleen enlargement, eye disease, skin disease and is beneficial in low hemoglobin levels.

Natural Ways To Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids And Cure Piles Problem

The painful condition of piles starts when the hemorrhoids cushions become big due to inflammation and start sagging from the anal walls. You can be susceptible to the pain and discomfort of piles if there is a problem with your digestive tract.

Unfortunately, the problem can occur to anyone at any stage of their life and there is not much that the piles patient can do to avoid this. But there are some natural ways to treat bleeding hemorrhoids. In fact, with regular usage of such herbal remedies, anyone can prevent the reoccurrence of piles.

Treat Bleeding HemorrhoidsPilesgon capsules are the wonderful remedies for a lot of population suffering from the pain and discomfort of piles. The all natural and side effect free ingredients not only speed up the healing process but also cure piles problem at any point in life.

Common reasons for piles:

If you are dealing with the issue, you must have the idea that early detection always helps to cure piles problem. For those who don’t know the potential causes can take a look at the below mentioned points to understand why it happens.

1. Avoid strain during bowel movement it may result in hemorrhoids.

2. Frequent bowel movement due to diarrhea can also cause the problem.

3. Sitting is also harmful; don’t sit for too long in the toilet or at your work.

4. If you have constipation which is left untreated from a long period.

5. Malnutrition and obesity are some other common causes behind piles.

The list of reasons affecting the quality of your life is too long so you have to do every possible thing to avoid piles. An easy way is to try the natural ways to treat bleeding hemorrhoids. Pilesgon capsules work effectively on constipation and slowness in bowel movements which helps people to cure the problem quickly.

Key ingredients in Pilesgon capsules:

Nature has the power to cure piles problem. Pilesgon capsules are piles natural treatment that promote softer stools and regular bowel movements to prevent the reoccurrence of piles. The capsules are formulated from time tested potent herbs such as Mesua Ferrea, Sapindus Mukorossi, Acacia Catechu, Extractum Bryophyllum Calycinum, Terminalia Chebula, Berberies, Vernonia Anthelmintica, and Eupatorium Ayapana.

These ingredients are trusted for its beneficial properties and the formula is prepared in perfectly balanced quantities of these herbs which speed up the healing process. So now you can stop pain and bleeding effectively with Pilesgon capsules at home.

What will you get by taking Pilesgon capsules?

Your hunt for the natural ways to treat bleeding hemorrhoids ends with Pilesgon capsules because the herbal remedy helps you to relieve the symptoms at home naturally.

Take regular dosage of these pills twice a day to cure piles problem quickly. Besides, the numerous benefits of this hemorrhoids herbal remedy are listed below.

1. Effective formula for external and internal hemorrhoids
2. Quick cure of inflammation and bleeding
3. Quick treatment of piles masses
4. Make the tissues strong in the walls of anal passage
5. Relieve the irritated veins
6. Reduction of harmful toxins and chemicals in stool
7. Proper digestion
8. Regular bowel movements.

The anti-inflammatory herbs used in these pills are best to reduce the pain and bleeding quickly. So, you should try these pills right away to get back the comfort.